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Energy communities are groups of people that are legally established, in many cases together with local entities and small and medium-sized companies, to carry out a clean energy project.

That is, it is a formula for people to be the protagonists of the change in the energy model. They are the ones who contribute to transforming and democratizing the system, making us stop depending on large companies.

These projects are beginning to gain strength throughout the Spanish territory, but there is still a long way to go for their implementation in a large part of the Spanish municipalities.

Diseño sin título

We can select people from all walks of life through civic lottery to form Citizen Assemblies that help politicians make decisions that everyone can trust.

Citizen Assemblies bring together a diversity of people by lottery and provide them with all the tools, information and time to give their opinion adequately on the important issues that affect our daily lives, such as the economy, education and the environment.

We can have a better system with people like you, free to listen, learn and work together to address our problems and agree on solutions.

Learn about citizen assemblies


We have organized a deliberative process with experts in both Energy Communities and Citizen Assemblies.

The citizens’ voice has a lot of help to provide for energy governance.


New player on the energy scene

Energy Communities are a participatory form of common energy production and consumption that goes beyond public and private companies.

Citizen leadership!

We want to share that leadership with the Administration so that it informs and raises awareness of the importance of these Energy Communities.

Let's heal the territory

The energy transition cannot be achieved by sacrificing biodiversity. Let's take advantage of urban space.

Let's eradicate energy poverty

The transition must integrate the voice of the most disadvantaged. Citizen Assemblies raise the voice of the entire society without leaving anyone behind.

The weight of clouds

Data Centers have a huge environmental impact: they cost energy, land and water. Moratorium and regulation now!

Responsible degrowth

The planet is limited, so economic growth cannot be infinite.

There are alternatives that limit the power of lobbies, and that allow more horizontal, transparent and democratic decisions.

Let's decentralize!

The energy transition must bein the hands of the local community fabric.

Less bureaucracy

Starting an Energy Community is a taxing feat. Together we must facilitate its processing.

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but also citizens on foot... or on pedals.